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original watercolour paintings

Most of my work is sold before I paint it although I am working on a body of work for an exhibition.  Work available for sale changes quickly, so if you see something you like and it is sold, I can paint you your own original.  I do have a selection of work for sale, some of which is shown on this page.  Please also see my Artists & Illustrators site. I have some original artworks from books now available.  Please email me to ask about my work or commissions.  I hope you find something you like!



 'Flaming June'

20.5" X 14.5" watercolour on paper

Framed, signed original £600


 'Dancing Hare'

 9" x 5" Watercolour on paper SOLD



'Sitting Hare 1'

 11" x 16" Watercolour on hand made paper with petals



'Sitting Hare 2'

 11" x 16" Watercolour on hand made paper with petals




'Two Polish and a Sultan'

 Watercolour on paper

 Framed signed original





 10" x 8" Watercolour on paper

Framed signed original £350



'Long Eared Hare'


7" x 9" Watercolour on paper




'Cornflower and Mice'


8" x 12" Watercolour on paper




'Harvest Mice'


8" x 12" Watercolour on paper

 Painted white wooden frame with white mount

 Framed size 12.75" x 16.75" SOLD



'Bluebell Fairy'

 5" x 7" Watercolour on paper




'Apple Harvest'

 8" x 12" Watercolour on paper



'Swallowtail Butterfly'

4" x 3" Watercolour on paper




'Strawberry Moon Hare'

20" x 20" Watercolour on paper




 'Helmingham Hall from the Walled Garden'

11" x 9" watercolour on paper SOLD













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